The Soul’s Confreres (Confrades d’Alma) is a small family business of Cultural Entertainment which wants, to do that same animation, with the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the surrounding area of Brotas Village (Aldeia de Brotas).


Born of the need to encourage and stimulate the various agents of Brotas Village (Aldeia de Brotas). Achieving by this way a better articulation between the various points of interest. Increasing the exposure of them to who visit us. Facilitating the promotion abroad of the product that is “Brotas, a Village to discover”.

Soul’s Confreres (Confrades d’Alma)

Confrere is a brother, a friend. The Soul is life. So the Soul’s Confreres wants to be a friend and brother in Brotas, to be able to welcome and spend a little of what this beautiful and quiet village, outside the hustle and bustle of the big tourist centers. It is with you that we will give life to history, by the knowledge and flavors of the Alentejo region.


When we are inserted in a Village with a heritage so rich and to discover. We talk about almost 600 years of history. The history that led to the birth of Brotas. Whether she comes from forkbeards or from water bud. Are six centuries of knowing how to receive and welcome who here goes and comes in devotion or simply for curiosity to see this beautiful part of Alentejo.


This history involves its people and its activities. The built heritage. The intangible heritage and how cannot fail to be, its people.


We’re here to help you understand and share this beautiful corner that needs to be known.